Free Daily Printable Planner

Set your day up for success with this minimalist Free Daily Planner printable! 

Daily planner printable, free

I love beautiful planners and stationery in general. And the list maker in me loves to cross every single thing off on my to-do list. You just cannot get the same feeling with a digital planner as with a traditional pen-and-paper to-do list (in my humble opinion).

For me, planning printables is especially helpful when I need to organize my time and mind because they help me to stay on track and accomplish more.

Setting Goals for the Day

One of the most helpful parts of this printable is the little block at the top that gives me space to set some goals for the day. Goals keep me motivated by giving me something to shoot for. And seeing that goal at the top of the page helps me so much by not wasting my time when I’m working toward a specific result/task.

Collect All Thoughts in One Place on the Daily Planning Printable

Finally, I added a small notes section at the bottom of the daily planning printable where I can collect any thoughts and ideas that pop into my head while I’m working.

This makes it easy to stay on task but not forget other details I may want to remember.

I never thought that this little free planner would become so popular on my blog. It is the main source of traffic from Pinterest and I couldn’t be more grateful. Since uploading it I also made more versions of the planner. Fill in this form below and I’ll send all the different versions to your inbox! (Psst… Did I mention that these are all free)

Daily planner printable, free

How to use your Daily Printable Planner

Simply print it out, add hole punches, and put it into a binder or your favorite planner. 

  • as a desk jotter
  • on the wall of your bedroom or office
  • clipped to a clipboard and hung above your desk
  • attached to the inside cover or a notebook
  • laminated and wiped clean at the end of every day
  • put it in an A4 binder or journal to make your own planner
  • or if you love digital note-taking, upload it to Procreate and use it with an iPad and Apple pencil)

So that’s it! It’s a super simple printable, but it really goes a long way in boosting my productivity and helping me reach my goals!

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