Tailwind, new pricing plans make it super affordable

Tailwind is the most popular Pinterest scheduler out there. And it is not difficult to see why all bloggers love it and recommend this tool to everyone. It makes life so much easier, especially if you are a blogger with an international audience. And they recently came up with new pricing plans. Making Tailwind even more affordable to beginner bloggers!

Tailwind's new pricing plans make it super affordable for new bloggers to promote their blog on Pinterest! #NadineHattingh #newblogger

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What is Tailwind?

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Tailwind is a scheduling service for Pinterest (and also Instagram) that picks out the best pinning schedule for you, based on your audience activity on Pinterest, and then pinning your content on your Pinterest boards. This is awesome because you know that when you pin on the right times, the chances increase dramatically to drive more traffic to your blog.

Here is a screenshot of my recommended pinning schedule in Tailwind, based on my audience activity.

What makes Tailwind, great is that you can schedule out your pins for the week (or month) all in one go with the smart scheduler that Tailwind has. And then the smart scheduler will run automatically, pinning your pins to the relevant boards, without you spending hours doing it yourself. This means you can spend your time doing other things for your blog like writing more content and maybe creating that digital product you always wanted to create. You can also tell Tailwind how many times a day you want to pin and then generate your schedule. So depending on how many pins a day you want to pin the equivalent timeslots will appear each day.

For international bloggers, Tailwind is gold! As a South African blogger, most of my audience is based in America. This means that, if I pin manually, I had to be awake at 2-4 am to pin my pins and hope that someone clicks through to my blog. And to be honest, that is not going to work for me. I love my beauty sleep too much! So now with Tailwind, I don’t have to be awake in the wee hours of the morning manually pinning my heart out, Tailwind does the hard work for me!

How to schedule your pins in Tailwind

To easily and effectively schedule pins in Tailwind, use the Tailwind Chrome Extension. The extension helps you to add several of your pins to your drafts. Based on the pinning ratio you’ve decided on, this is how you’ll come up with how many pins you’ll be scheduling that is yours.

Once the pins are in your drafts in the Tailwind app, go through them and make sure each one has the correct title, description, and URL.

Then you can add a board list or manually enter the board you want to save these pins to. When you are happy with your selection, it’s time to make sure there’s a proper interval between these pins.

The interval that Tailwind recommends is 7 days. Once all the pins are ready to go with boards listed and intervals set, you can click “Schedule All Drafts.”

Your queue should be filled with your pins with gaps in between them on your schedule. Fill the gaps with community content, pins from your home feed, or using the “more ideas” button.

If you only recently started a blog, you might not have much content to pin, and that is okay. You can always fill the gaps with other’s content, and as you create more content, you will fill the gaps with more of your own content than other people’s content.

Tailwind time-saving Tip – Board lists

Board lists are exactly what they sound like. They are lists of your boards that you can set up so that you can easily schedule pins to that entire list with the click of a button.

Each list can be centered around a different topic so that you can schedule pins to the most relevant boards. But be sure to stay within Pinterest best practices when using your board lists. You should not schedule pins to more than 10 boards.

When creating your board lists, be mindful of the order that you put the boards. Because that will be the order that the pins will be saved.

Here is an example of my board lists

New Tailwind Pricing Plans

I am super excited about the new pricing plans that Tailwind offers. Because Tailwind now offers a forever free plan! Making it super affordable for all new bloggers! And if you want to grow your Instagram account along with your blog, you are in luck because the new pricing plans include Instagram.

On the new Tailwind pricing plans, their Pro plan is now only $9.99 – whereas prior, it was $9.99 for only one of either Instagram or Pinterest. Which is so much better right?! You can upgrade to their Advanced plan, to get even more posts for Instagram and Pinterest and pay less than if you were subscribing to their old plans for each.

Tailwind Create is also included in all of the plans along with Tailwind Communities. So you don’t have to pay more for these services, everything is included in one convenient plan.

Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create is a creative service that Tailwind offers that helps you create multiple pins in a matter of minutes. And if you are a blogger or a content creator you know that Pinterest prefers fresh content constantly.

But Tailwind Create is not limited to only Pinterest graphics. You can also create graphics for Instagram and Facebook. And now it is easier and cheaper with the new Tailwind pricing plans to create those multiple pins and schedule them all with one app.

If you want to know what the typical results are for members that use Tailwind Create, head over to this page to see the results. It is mind-blowing!

What is Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities are one of the most powerful features that you can use in your Pinterest marketing efforts. Tailwind Communities are groups of Pinterest members who create content in similar niches and have agreed to work together to promote each other’s content. It is similar to that of Pinterest group boards, but Tailwind Communities are easier to join and easier to use.

Most Tailwind Communities have a 1:1 sharing policy. Meaning that for every pin you add to the group you have to share one pin of someone else. This is how most bloggers successfully drive traffic to their blogs.

If you choose the forever free plan, you get access to any 5 Communities that you want to join. And you are allowed 30 submissions per month.

The reason why I love Communities is the fact that you get even more exposure to your content. And there are more chances that different members will pin your content to their Pinterest boards, increasing your reach. In a nutshell, the more repins you have, the more traffic you will gain and potentially more income.

It is really easy to schedule pins to the Communities that you’ve joined. When you add a pin to the scheduler, just click the button “add to Community” and choose which Community to add the pin to. Easy as that!

Tailwind for Instagram

With the new pricing plans that Tailwind offer, you can also schedule your Instagram posts for the month. This is really great because you don’t need another scheduler tool to schedule your Instagram posts #savingtimeandmoney!

And if you are after that perfectly aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, you are in luck! Because you can visually plan your feed with the Tailwind scheduler for Instagram. The Instagram scheduler has a drag-and-drop function, which makes it super intuitive.

The scheduler also incorporates a hashtag finder, which will recommend hashtags for your posts! Super clever right?! For more information, you can go to the Tailwind website. (Spoiler: There are more features available)

Disclaimer: Tailwind is not for everyone

If you think that when you use Tailwind, your traffic (or income) will start to increase overnight, you are in for a rude awakening. Everyone who uses Tailwind has different results. And it is up to the user to use Tailwind consistently in order to get the best possible outcome.

I’ve noticed that when I don’t schedule out pins constantly and there are gaps in my pinning schedule, that the traffic to my blog decreases. Especially if I don’t make use of the Tailwind Communities that I’ve joined. So if you were looking for a quick fix for your traffic to your site, this is not it. The only way you will see great results is if you use it constantly and learn the ins and outs of this awesome tool.

But if you are hesitant if Tailwind will work for you, I would highly recommend that you try it out. And with the new forever free plan it is almost a no-brainer. You will not know if you don’t try!

For me, it really does drive more traffic to my blog when I use it consistently. (My blog is still growing, so don’t have a lot to show for it yet, but will update here when I have better results)

Final thoughts

So what do you think of the new Tailwind pricing? I think it is a smart move from Tailwind to incorporate all of their services into one package/plan. Making it super affordable to new users and also those who don’t want to pay for different services for all the different social media channels that they manage.

I love the fact that they now have a forever-free plan. This will attract new bloggers who just don’t have the money yet to invest in their blog, but want to drive traffic to their blog.

And like I said, It is really an awesome service that will give you great results when you use it constantly! Let me know what you think of the new pricing plans, and if you are using Tailwind yourself. Would love to hear from you!

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