Command Station Planning a Simple Organized System

A command station (or command center) is an easy way to help get yourself and your home organized. And I don’t know about you, but I am always searching to find ways to improve my home organization systems.

Lately, I have been looking for a way to store our keys and also find a place to keep our calendar. And just overall searching for a better system to organize things that come into our house like mail and other random stuff.

So I went on a Pinterest and Google search to find a solution and I found all these cute command stations that people created for their homes. And whola! I found a solution!

Where to put a command station

The best place to put a command station is in a high traffic area in your house. Usually, this is the kitchen. But you should also take into consideration where you have space to put it.

Places to put a command center in your home:

  • office
  • hallway
  • entryway
  • mudroom
  • in a child’s room (if you have just one child, or you want to create a personalized command station for each child)
  • Inside a cupboard that you don’t use as often
  • On the side panel of your pantry or broom cupboard

For instance, we don’t have space in our kitchen to install a command station and we also don’t have a mudroom. But another high traffic space in our house is through my office. Because my office is next to the kitchen.

Even though my office is not big, I do have a tiny corner that can be better used. So I want to use this corner for our command station.

Small corner in my office where I want to create my command station.

The whole office needs a makeover, to be honest, as you would notice in this photo. But I am starting where I can and where my budget allows.

How to create a command station or command center

I think it is important to think about what your family needs are. At this stage of our lives, there is not a lot that we need to keep track of. It is just the two of us.

But if you have a large family, you might need a place to store:

  • Incoming school papers;
  • A place to store backpacks – hooks are quite an easy fix for this;
  • A family schedule or calendar;
  • Use a clock to ensure that you are not late;
  • A place to store shoes like a shoe rack or bins;
  • Keyholder;
  • A chore checklist;
  • You can also store a meal plan for the week here;
  • A system to show of your children’s art like a clipboard system or a magnetized board;
  • A list of lunch menu ideas for the kids’ lunch boxes
  • A charging station for cellphones and smart devices
  • Maybe a shelf to store additional supplies

But, like I said previously, it is just the two of us. So my needs in a command station is:

  • A place for a calendar,
  • a place to write notes,
  • and also a place to hang our keys.

I created my own calendars for 2020 which you can download here in this post!

Nice to have for me in a our command station is:

A charing station, recycling bin for papers, place to store my handbag, place to keep notes, and a system to organize receipts.

Planning My Command Station


I’ve found these pictures on Pinterest that sparked my inspiration for my own command station:

The first time I saw this memo board, I totally fell in love with it. So I kept it on one of my Pinterest boards for someday. So I am super amped to be able to incorporate something similar into my home.

container store
Inspiration via The Container Store

I love the console table that they used here. I would love to have something similar to store my everyday handbag and also create a charging station for some of our devices.

Ana white, mail boss center
Inspiration via Ana White

I love how Ana built this mail boss station. Everything you need is in one space and everything is hidden behind a beautiful cabinet.

Because I don’t have a lot of space, I really want to optimize every centimeter that I do have. But, if I cannot have everything on my wishlist for my command station, it will not be the end of the world.

Other command stations ideas from awesome bloggers

Create a bill paying system that actually works! Whether you have an office or a corner, designate a space that is functional and practical. Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Create a bill paying station! A Bowl full of Lemons

a budget friendly family command station

A budget friendly family command station from Simple As That

A kitchen command station from At Charlotte's house

A kitchen command station from At Charlotte’s house

Small kitchen command center

Kitchen command center from A Shade of Teal

Command center, command station

Cute rustic command station with clock – Bless’er House

command center, with recycling bins

Command station with recycling bins. How to Nest for Less

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here on this post today. Let me know if you have a command station in your home.