Organizing and Putting systems in place is kind of a passion of mine. But it has been lacking these past two years. And it is now at a place that everything is bothering me so much that I cannot handle it anymore.

So I decided that enough was enough. I need to get organized so that I can save my sanity.

But at the same time, it all feels so overwhelming. I want to create beautiful spaces that are Pinterest worthy, but that will cost me too much money at this stage to find and buy all the organizational items like bins and baskets. I have the vision, but at this stage not the means.

But it is constantly on my mind. The beautiful house that I want to create. and to be honest it is driving me nuts. But then I came to the realization that I have to start somewhere. Even if it is a small space like a drawer. Just to get going. Because I must admit, I am a procrastination planner. Meaning I like to plan what and how I am going to do it, but I am stuck in the planning phase.


It doesn’t have a dedicated space

A lot of times clutter and a messy space occur if you don’t have a specified space for an item. For example keys and mail. You place keys on a kitchen counter and soon you place other things on the counter as well. Then you forget about the keys and now you are searching for it because the other things are covering them up! It becomes a vicious cycle.

Sometimes it is an easy fix. Like just as getting a key hook in the corner of the kitchen that will solve the key problem.

You don’t put it back after the use

Other times clutter happens because we don’t put stuff back in its place after we use it. It would only take maybe three seconds, but we make a big deal out of it and say we will put it back later. And before you know it, there is a heap of clutter in the corner of the kitchen or the dining table!

At this moment both of these situations are happening at my house. Many items don’t have a dedicated space and we don’t put back items after they are being used.

I am just so overwhelmed by everything in the house that needs organizing


One of the problems I have in this house that we are renting is the fact that it has only one built-in cupboard. The rest of the rooms have freestanding cupboards that are the owner’s cupboards. And it is an older type of freestanding cupboards, thus making the interior space quite limited.

The other challenge that I face in this house is that most of the furniture is not our own. We are renting an almost fully furnished house. Which is a blessing in one sense, but also a challenge when it comes to decorating and organizing.


So I realized that I have to start somewhere otherwise it will never get any better. And after some thought, I have a plan.

I have decided to take some inspiration from Marie Kondo in the sense of what sparks joy when I declutter and find new organization systems. But I will also make my way around the house room by room.

I decided that I am going to organize and declutter the room that bothers me the most. I’ve found by starting with the things that bother you the most, you feel so much accomplished and better afterward. And you are more motivated to keep going.

I will start with my stuff that needs to be organized and find better homes for it and leave hubby’s stuff so that he can go through his stuff by himself.

I am going to start organizing our bedroom. We spend so much time in our bedrooms and it needs to be a space that you can relax. Almost like an oasis! And that is what I am planning for this room! EEK! So excited! I have big plans for this room and hopefully, I will get to a makeover for our bedroom in the near future.

Hopefully, when there is less stuff in the house, it will be easier to maintain and to find a place for each object.

What spaces in your house is keeping you from living your best life? Leave me a comment I would love to hear your thoughts!