11 Organizational Products Organizing Guru’s Swear by

11 Organizational products organizing gurus swear by. I searched through Pinterest to find the most commonly used organizational products that are the most popular. #nadinehattingh #organization #organizationproducts

I love an organized space and we are so lucky today that Organizational products are all around us. But sometimes it just takes a special someone to help us see the product’s potential.

So I decided to take to Pinterest and search for the most popular organizational products that the organizing guru’s swear by. For a quick reference to the products that I’ve found, you can look at the table below. After that, I will show you how the guru’s used them 🙂

Organizational products mentioned in this post

  1. Oxo Containers
  2. Glass Jars
  3. Clear Acrylic Bins
  4. Label Maker
  5. Lazy Susan
  6. Baskets
  7. Drawer Organizers & Dividers
  8. Shelf Riser
  9. Storage Caddy
  10. A Good Planner

1. OXO Containers

You don’t have to use OXO containers just in the kitchen! You can really use them in any place you see fit!

Courtney, from A Thoughtful Place, loves her OXO Containers. She has such a clever way of labeling the containers. She uses a water-based sharpie to write on the containers, that way she can easily clean them if the contents of the container changes.

Courtney’s butler pantry looks absolutely stunning and her organization system is on point! I love this space.

2. Glass jars

Glass jars come in all shapes and sizes and they are just as versatile to use as organizational products. My favorite way to use them would be to store baking supplies and cookies.

Find inspiration from the following bloggers and see how they used glass jars.


Angela Marie, from Angela Marie Made, used glass jars on her open pantry. The jars look super pretty with copper vinyl labels that she made with her Silhouette machine.

Sara, from Alice & Lois, hand-lettered these pretty glass jars with bamboo lids to store some ingredients in. Glass jars with bamboo lids are becoming more and more popular since the increase in popularity of the Scandinavian style.

source: Alice & Lois

Laundry Room

In Amy’s laundry room she uses all kinds of glass jars and containers to keep her laundry supplies organized. Her laundry room is super cute and she shares such awesome ideas in this post. Amy has the blog The Idea Room.

Craft Organization

Rachel, from Rachel Parcell, uses large glass jars to store various craft supplies. This makes such a statement and you can immediately find what you are looking for.

3. Clear Acrylic Bins

Acrylic bins are all the rage right now as organizational products – and rightly so! They are so versatile and you can use them in so many ways! I’ve seen people use them in their pantry, laundry room, office, bathroom, etc.

They also come in a variety of sizes, making them an awesome investment, because you can reuse them in different spaces as your organizational needs change.

Laundry Room

Amber, from Barefoot Blonde, used clear acrylic bins in her laundry room and they look fantastic. Especially with the cute labels on them, which totally goes with her whole aesthetic.


Dani, from Dani Austin, used acrylic bins in her office to organize different electronics and some of her craft products. She labeled the containers with chalkboard labels. The black and white contrast of the chalkboard labels really makes these containers pop!

source: Dani Austin


Megan, from The Homes I Have Made, used deep acrylic bins in her bathroom cabinet drawer to organize her bathroom supplies. In this post, she wrote awesome tips on how to organize a drawer.


Rachel, from Rachel Parcell, used the acrylic bins in her beautiful pantry to organize snacks in drawers. I really love how versatile these bins can be!

4. Label Maker

You cannot have all these awesome containers without labeling them! And this is where a trusty label maker comes in!

A label maker is one of those organizational products that you have to invest in because it will serve you for years! There are so many different label makers available, so the choice is up to you to find the one you love.

An easy to use label maker

I’ve seen great reviews from the Brother P-touch, PTD210 label maker. It has different settings and fonts to customize your labels just the way you want.

source: Amazon

Bluetooth enabled label maker

If you are more tech-savvy, why not try out a Bluetooth enabled label maker. There are so many good ones out there, but I’ve seen some great reviews from this Dymo label maker. With this label maker, you can print labels straight from your phone.

source: Amazon

Silhouette & Cricut machines

If you are super crafty and want to really customize your labels, you can invest in a Silhouette or Cricut machine. Both of these machines are great. It just depends on your preference, so make sure you do your research before purchasing one!

5. Lazy Susan

With all the blog posts and YouTube videos I’ve watched about organization, it looks like the Lazy Susan is the Queen of all the organizational products! There is so many ways to use this product that it still amazes me!


Molly, from Design loves Detail, used a two-tiered Lazy Susan in her pantry. I love the bamboo design and the overall warmth it gives to a place.

I’ve also seen people use lazy susan to organize canned goods, condiments, spices, even products in the fridge!

Other uses for the Lazy Susan

I’ve found some great ideas on how to use the Lazy Susan on The Container Store’s website.

There is really so much you can do with this product that you are only limited to your imagination.

6. Baskets

Not only are baskets great organizational products , they look good on display as well!

Linen Closet

Jen, from Jen Woodhouse, really outdone herself with her beautiful organized linen closet! Go over to her blog to see how she transformed her linen closet.

7. Drawer Organizers & Dividers

I love drawers more than shelves in cabinets. Drawers you can use so much more of the space and it enables you to get access to the full depth of the cabinet. But drawers can get out of hand if you don’t put a good organizational system in place!

Drawer Organizers

There are so many lovely drawer organizational products on the market. From acrylic to bamboo drawer organizers. You can DIY your own out of cardboard if you are on a tiny budget!

Makeup Organization

Andee Layne, from The Honeybee, used acrylic drawer organizers to organize her makeup in her ultra-chic vanity. She used a combination of trays and bins to group her products together.

Source: The Honeybee
Kitchen Drawer Organization

Ceres, from The Pink Dream, also used acrylic drawer organizers, but in her kitchen. She has the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen drawers I’ve ever seen! You just cannot help to swoon over them!

Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers help you to organize those hard to organize drawers. Especially the utensil drawer. But the drawer divider is not confined to the kitchen, there are so many other places you can use this product in.


Karlie Rae, from Karlie Rae Lang, used clear drawer dividers to organize her daughter’s chest of drawers in her nursery. This is such an awesome idea to use these dividers to organize clothing, because they don’t take up a lot of space!

Coffee Station

Rachael, from Glambytes, organized her coffee station with expandable bamboo organizers. She also shares some awesome kitchen organization hacks over on her blog.

8. Shelf Riser

Glassware organization

Destiny wrote a post about how she organized her glassware over on The Inspired Home. She used a shelf raiser to double her space in the glassware cabinet. She has her own blog as well called Just Destiny.

Crockery Storage

Brendt, from She Gave it a Go, shared an awesome transformation of her kitchen cabinets over on her blog. She used shelf risers to create more space in her crockery cabinet. I love how it turned out.

9. Storage Caddy

Storage caddies are a must have for homemakers, especially a cleaning caddy. But you can be really creative and create different caddies for different uses.

Cleaning Caddy

Becky, from Clean Mama, shares how she put together a cleaning caddy for her bathroom. I love the cleaning tips that she shares on her blog and incorporated some of it into my cleaning routine as well.

Source: Clean Mama
Tool Caddy

Jennifer, from iHeart Organizing, created a tool caddy with some of her most used tools. I must admit, I thought of creating something similar myself and this caddy of hers really inspired me to do finish mine. It will be super useful and I will store it under my kitchen sink.

10. A Good Planner

And then lastly, all organizing gurus have an awesome planner to organize and plan their day. There are a lot of planners on the market, and finding one that fits you perfectly can be frustrating.

That is why a lot of organizing gurus create their own or use a ring binder to create their planners. These planners have a lot of different uses and it is really up to the user to decide how they will use it.

If you are thinking of creating your own binder, you can start with some free printables, right here in this post!

I hope you’ve found this post useful and that you have some ideas on how to incorporate these organizational products to organize your space!

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