Latest home decor Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is such an awesome place to go for home decor inspiration. And lately, I have been gravitating to it more and more. I use it more than any other social media app. I just love the way you can curate the most aesthetically pleasing boards that reflect your style and dreams.

Today I thought that I would share with you my favorite home inspiration and styling boards.


We are currently in the process of making over our bedroom. We are doing it at a slow pace, because of budgeting restrictions. But my Pinterest board – Fab Bedrooms – is the place where I pin and find inspiration for our bedroom.


Along with the bedroom makeover, I also want to decorate our tiny master bathroom. We have a tiny bathroom that is attached to our bedroom and it also needs some finishing touches. So you bet that I also have a fabulous bathroom board to host all my ideas.


Kitchen inspiration is next. There is nothing quite like a nicely designed and decorated kitchen. The kitchen is also the heart of the home. It is the place where you cook and nourish your family. It is the place where you can be creative and bake to your heart’s content. I also pin some kitchen organization ideas to this board. Because a kitchen should be two things, 1) it should be beautiful and 2) it should also be practical!


Since we are talking about cooking and baking, you need a fabulous dining room to enjoy that awesome food you made! You will see that my dining room board has a mixture of designs and styles. But lately, I am into light-and-airy designs with a lot of natural wood and white accents!


The last board I want to share with you is a miscellaneous home decor board. This board has decor ideas for the whole home in it. If I see a pin that I like but I am not sure where to put it on my other boards, or it can go in multiple rooms, I will pin it here.

What boards do you have on Pinterest? Are you also into home styling? Leave me a comment on which is your favorite home styling category!