Free Weekly Printable Planner to Organize your week

Get this Free Weekly Printable Planner to help you get organized! This simple design will look awesome on your desk or on your fridge! Download and print to get started in a flash!

Free Weekly Printable Planner to Organize your week

This super simple weekly printable planner will help you to stay organized and keep you on track. I have included two options for you. One with a time slots on and one without the time slots.

If you have been here on my blog before, you will know I love a free printable. As much as I love to use my phone and google calendar for important dates and taking notes, I’m still old fashioned at heart. There is no better feeling than crossing something off a list using a pen and paper.

And as a bonus, I also created a free printable with 24 confidence-boosting affirmations to choose from each week. There is a little space on the bottom of the weekly planner to write your affirmation for the week.

If you haven’t heard what an affirmation is, I will try and explain it in a nutshell. Affirmations are positive phrases that you choose to say and proclaim over yourself to change your mindset. It is also a way to break limiting beliefs that you may have of yourself.

How to use your Free Weekly Planner Printable:

Here are some suggestions of where and how you could use it:

  • as a desk jotter (How I will use this printable)
  • on the wall of your bedroom or office
  • clipped to a clipboard and hung above your desk
  • attached to the inside cover or a notebook
  • laminated and wiped clean at the end of every week
  • put it in an A4 binder or journal to make your own planner
  • on your fridge to use for meal planning
  • or if you’re a digital note-making queen, upload it to Procreate and use it with an iPad and Apple pencil
  • if you have a command station you can use it there as well.

How do I print my weekly planner?

  1. Download the PDF file below.
  2. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  3. Go to File – Print. Make sure to select “Fit” or “Scale to Fit” after choosing the paper size.
  4. Print as many copies as you need.
  5. Grab a pen and start planning your week for success!

Free Weekly Printable Planner to Organize your week

24 Confidence boosting affirmations to choose from to set you up for success each week. Free printable. free download

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