Doable Resources to Help you Prepare for Marriage

Preparing for marriage is sometimes gets put on the back burner between all the wedding planning. But here is a list with practical and doable resources that will strengthen your marriage from the beginning

After almost two years of marriage, I realized that preparing for marriage is more important than planning for your wedding. The wedding is a glorious day that symbolizes the start of your new life as husband and wife. And preparing for marriage before the wedding day will make your lives so much easier while you settle into your new roles as husband and wife.

There are so many fantastic resources out there to help you prepare for marriage. And I want to share some of them with you. These are the ones that I’ve used and found extremely helpful.

Premarital counseling

Premarital counseling is, what I would call, the first stepping stone to prepare your self for marriage. This is usually done by the pastor that would marry you. If the pastor does not give this service, I would highly recommend that you find a premarital counseling service or course.

Like anything that you take on, the more time you take to prepare, the less time you have to spend to figure it out. And after the wedding, you will find that you have all the necessary tools to forge a unique and strong bond with each other. And going to a person who can give you some wisdom beforehand is a great place to start.

Practical Resources to Prepare for marriage

All the other tools that I mention from now on is really awesome, but I will still recommend that you use this in addition to your premarital counseling.

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage by Mark Gungor

My sister gave me this seminar. It is a set of 4 videos where Mark Gungor explains the difference between women and men in such a fun way. He also gets to the point and calls a spade a spade, which I like. Wiehann and I watched the show together, and he loved it.

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage (Book)| Cumbooks and Amazon

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage (DVD)| Cumbooks and Amazon

Flag Page by Mark Gungor

In the DVD set Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage, Gungor talks about the Flag Page system that he helped develop. I am not going to go into a lot of detail how it works but essentially The Flag Page is a sophisticated personality test that shows you what you thrive on a daily basis.

Wiehann suggested that we take it in order to understand each other better (I was totally flabbergasted when he suggested it because I really didn’t expect he would want to do such a survey).

You have to pay a fee to do this, but it is totally worth it. When you complete the survey you get a pdf that explains how you are put together and what makes you tick. I loved my results because it explained who I am to a T! And Wiehann’s results were also spot on. This helped us so much in order to understand each other.

5 Love languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 love languages needs no introduction. It is a well known book that is without a doubt super valuable for all couples. I would recommend that you read this book in co junction with doing the Flag Page system.

Because even though we have our personality types, we also have different ways of showing and receiving love. And when you take all of this into consideration, you would set yourself up for success.

Briefly the 5 love languages is:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

They also have a quizzes that you can take

5 love languages: Cumbooks | Takealot | Amazon

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

This is also a good book to read. It gives some good insights into how men and women are put together and how we respond in different scenarios. Also, the way men and women view love and respect.

But there is some advice that I do not agree with. Especially when it comes to the marital bed. So keep an open mind when you read any of these chapters.

Love and Respect | Cumbooks | Amazon

The Act of Marriage by Tim and Beverly LaHaye

This book was recommended by our pastor who gave us premarital counseling. It is such an informative book about sex in marriage. I don’t want to elaborate too much on this subject, because I think you get the just of it! 😉

The Act of Marriage | Amazon | Takealot (audio book)

The Bible

This is ultimately for my Christian sisters.

I could not leave this list without including the Bible. It has so much wisdom in it. And I believe the more you read the Bible and strive to better your relationship with God, your relationship with your husband or soon-to-be-husband will improve as well, without you trying too hard.

Practical Resources: Blogs

Jolene Engel

Another place that I will often visit for relationship/marital advice is Jolene Engle’s blog. I love her podcasts and blog posts for ‘leading women and wives closer to Christ’. She has touched on every marital topic that is important.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

This blog is by Sheila Wray Gregoire who writes all about sex in marriage and creating healthy boundaries. You will find all kinds of topics on her blog about the marital act. I would highly recommend this blog if you need any information regarding this topic. She also has some courses that you can take to prepare for marriage. Like this Honeymoon Course that she put together.

These are the resources that I’ve found super helpful to prepare yourself for marriage. I will add more resources in the future if I come across anything that I think you will find useful. Marriage is not a sprint, but a marathon (lack of a better example). So anything that will help along the way is just as important as the things you do before.


If you have any practical resources that you found helpful, please leave it in the comment section below so that we can all benefit!