Hi there, I am Nadine and I am so happy that you decided to stay awhile.

Most days you will find me behind my laptop finishing up projects for other architects. I am a qualified Senior Architectural Technologist. Which is just a fancy way of saying: ‘I can design your house and get it approved by your local municipality.’

When I am not behind my laptop I am trying to make my house a home. Which, in retrospect, is one of my passions. I thrive when I can organize and decorate a space in my home. Also, I am a huge fan of planning and list-making. I love to plan everything in my life – which sometimes leads to procrastination. Oops!

5 more things about me:

1 I work from home

I was very fortunate to work from home from the day I graduated. I first worked in Plettenberg Bay and when Wiehann and I got engaged I moved to Oudtshoorn. Now that I am married, I live on a farm outside of Montagu. Which I am so happy with. Farm life is the best life!

In this blog post, I go a little more into moving back home.

2. This is not my first blog

My first blog was called ‘Coffee with Nadine’. I started it to have a creative outlet, but most times I got distracted and it was way harder to keep adding more quality content than I thought.

So long story short. I decided to close that blog, move all the posts over that I am proud of, and start a new one with a better vision.

3. I love coffee

Maybe love isn’t the right word… obsession might be too strong to describe how I feel about my coffee. But there is no doubt – I am a huge fan of coffee! I take it black, not too strong with a little bit of sugar.

Favorite brands at the moment include Douwe Egberts, Pure Gold, Douwe Egberts Expresso style and Nespresso Volluto capsules.

4. I am a natural brunette

I have never colored my hair. To be honest, I am too lazy laid back when it comes to my hair. So coloring and the upkeep of it isn’t for me.

I am blessed with naturally thick and wavy hair. Which I hated in high school. I cried many times about my wavy hair that had a mind of its own. But now I love my hair. Many people compliment me on my hair and I would say it is one of my best features.

5. Wiehann and I are high school sweethearts

We started dating in 2008 and got married in 2018. I must say that I am proud of the people and the couple that we have become!

2009 a year after we started dating! OMG so young!
Our wedding day 5 May 2018
On our wedding day – May 2018

5 Things I struggle with

1 Finding clothes that fit

I am what they probably would call curvy petite. Coming in at 159cm tall (5’22”) with a pear shape body. With the research that I’ve done, most pear-shaped ladies have a smaller chest size. But not this girl. I am blessed with also a large chest.

To say: “I find it difficult to find clothes” is an understatement! Don’t even get me started on finding a good quality bra!

2. Deciding on (or finding) my fashion style

I love feminine styles. Long flowy skirts and beautiful classic silhouettes that make you look and feel like a million bucks. But, to be honest, clothes like this doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I mostly sit at home in front of my laptop.

So I hope to find a way to incorporate classic silhouettes into my daily life at home and on a farm.

You can check this Pinterest board of mine if you want to check out the clothes that I like

3. Saying what I feel

I am such a people pleaser that I always keep my thoughts to myself in fear that I will hurt their feelings. Which is understandable if you test as an ISFJ personality type. This means I am an introvert at heart, so keeping to myself comes so natural to me. But I know that keeping emotions bottled up is not a good thing. I am working on this!

4. Getting up early

Becoming an early morning person is a goal of mine. But I am a night owl at heart. Hopefully, I will achieve this goal of mine not too far in the distant future.  I would like to get up every morning before 6:00, currently, I am getting up at around 7:00 or 7:30 if I am not having it that morning.

5. Playing the comparison game.

I think most women struggle with this. Insta-envy is real and I often have to stop myself comparing myself to other women. I would look at these beautiful women who have flat stomachs and are build like some sort of novel character. And I am over here thinking why can’t I look like that. But then I have to stop myself and remind myself that I am my own person and I have something different to bring to the table.

Well, that got really depressing real fast. Let’s lighten the mood, shall we?

What I would like to achieve with my blog

I would like to build something that would inspire other ladies who are also making their house a home. Who might have the same struggles as I. Maybe we can help each other on our journeys to become better homemakers.

I hope to share my tips and lessons as I grow as a homemaker with you.

Thanks for sticking to the end, I would love to connect with you on social media. Come say hi over at Instagram or Pinterest.

Until next time, stay classy!