A Floral First Birthday On A Budget

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged… five months to be exact. (Whoops!) However, the blog is not dead and I wanted to post about Anné’s floral first birthday! (Which we did on a tight budget) She had the time of her life and slept like a baby that night!

I started planning and looking at themes for her first birthday in February! I really could not wait to do something special and wanted everything to be perfect. I went back and forth between having a busy bee theme and a floral theme. In the end, the floral theme won. 🙂

Her room is also floral themed and I thought it would come full circle if the theme of her first birthday is also floral.

Searching Pinterest I had a lot of ideas with a folder on my phone full of images saved for her birthday party. But with a limited budget, I had to get creative in what I could do.

I really cannot believe that she is one already, okay 15 months as I write this post. She is really such a happy little girl and I can see every day how her personality is developing.

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Floral First Birthday Party on a Budget

So here is how I saved money:

  • I made a digital invitation in Canva that I send out over WhatsApp.
  • I made the cake (it was probably the most expensive item on the list), but the most rewarding thing I made to date.
  • I used decor items that I already had.
  • The kiddie’s goodie bag only contained a juice box, a small bag of cheese curls, and a sugar cookie (which I also made) In the end only 2 of her friends could join us, so we were not a lot of people.
  • We didn’t indulge in a lot of snacks for the adults – we only put out some chips and a dip and served hotdogs later the day. Hubby braaied the sausage and made an awesome tomato smoor.
  • I only invited family and closest friends.
  • A friend of ours took the photos for free.
  • I didn’t splurge on getting her a big first birthday present. I know, how could I? But like I said, very limited budget and I really didn’t know what to get her. So I decided to leave the gift. So we spend the day with family, which was a big gift in itself.
  • I ordered Anné’s outfit from Shein. I was really concerned about the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. a

Invitation and Printables for First Birthday Party

I love Canva and use it for everything that I can. And it was no different for A’s first birthday. I used it to create a digital invitation and also some fun printables for the party. The invitation was a template that I found on Canva that I edited to fit her theme.

Floral first birthday on a budget, digital invitation, template, free, canva

I also made a simple first birthday milestone board and also a time capsule printable set. I really loved how they turned out. I made the printables in our home language, which is Afrikaans, but I changed it to English for you to use if you want, see the link below.

Because I use Canva so much, I signed up for a Canva Pro account. The two features that I love the most are the ‘remove background’ and resizing feature. If you also want to try Canva Pro, you can use this link for a 30-day trial.

Or if you want I can send you the links to these templates that I’ve used straight to your inbox for you to edit. Most of the elements and fonts are for Pro users, but you can change them if you want.

Party Food and Drinks

I found a picture of a beautiful cake on Pinterest that I based this design on. I loved the small baby deer and the flower elements on the cake. I watched video tutorials on YouTube to see how to make the deer. I really enjoyed making all the elements for this cake. Luckily I had fondant, all the food coloring, and flower cutters at home. So I didn’t need to spend money to buy these items.

It was a pink velvet cake and I used this recipe by Liz from Sugar Geek Show. And let me tell you, this recipe has found a permanent place in my recipe binder!

I used a bigger pan than what the recipe calls for, so one of the tiers was a bit off, but luckily I have an awesome husband that helped me put it together and fixed it. I am also not a big fan of fondant covering, so I just use buttercream on the outside and cream cheese icing between the layers. The cake was a big hit let me tell you!

I also made sugar cookies, they didn’t really come out the way I planned but they still taste great. I would really like to improve my sugar cookie decorating skills in the near future.

She did have a smash cake that I made, and we did a smash photoshoot by ourselves the weekend before her party. But it was chaos! I didn’t realize that she would be so hyper. I didn’t have time to make an extra smash cake for the birthday party, so my friend who took the pictures offered to make her one. I was just going to give A a cupcake to ‘smash’, but she ended up having a really fancy smash cake that she didn’t smash lol!

As I said, the rest of the food was really simple. Some chips and dip, and hotdogs. I also served some juice for the adults and coffee or tea with the cake at the end.

Floral first birthday on a budget, cake, pink velvet cake, decor

Everything turned out exactly as I pictured it. Happy party planning friends!

Save for later!

Floral first birthday on a budget, cake, pink velvet cake, decor

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