15 Organizing Essentials I need after watching the Home Edit on Netflix

Did you also binge-watch The Home Edit series on Netflix? And of course after binge-watching the series I am lusting over all the organizing essentials and products. I am constantly dreaming of purging, cleaning, containing, and organizing every nook and cranny of my home

I must say I loved every moment of the Home Edit! The creative solutions Joanna and Clea came up with and their awesome wit had me hook the whole time! My favorite episode of the series was where they organized Jordana Brewster’s fridge, freezer, and pantry in episode seven.

15 organizing essentials products that I want for my home:

Some of these products you can use in various ways and you are really limited to your imagination. For instance, a lazy-susan you can use in the kitchen to store snacks in, but you can also use it in the bathroom to store skincare. Another example of drawer dividers is that you can use them in your dresser to separate different clothing items, but you can also use them in a utensil drawer. So really the possibilities are endless.

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If you do need more inspiration from the Home Edit you can head on over to their Pinterest account or their website. They also have quite a few books out already which you can check out:

5 Organizing Tips from the Home Edit Show

1 Before you start, set goals for your space

When you look at the space that you want to organize, ask yourself what goal you have for that particular space. Like the wise Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. Finding the right plan to fit your needs will depend on the goals you have for your space. Is the space multifunctional? Do you want items to be visible to increase the usage or easy to put back aspect? Do you need to accommodate certain routines?

Another good tip that goes well with this is to see how your routine is in that particular space. When you’ve identified your routine, make it also part of your organizational system. If you are wearing a particular uniform for work, make it easily accessible and don’t put things you use on a daily basis in hard-to-reach areas. If you like to switch out your handbag more easily, consider creating a ‘drop zone’ for your handbag. In this ‘drop zone’ make space for containers to organize your items between handbag transfers.

Setting goals and organizing your space around your daily routines will go a long way in maintaining your organizational system.

2 Trust the ‘editing’ process

While The Home Edit calls it editing, I think we are all more familiar with purging. This is sometimes the most difficult part of the process, especially if you are a very sentimental person. Or you are afraid of making a bigger mess than there already are.

And unfortunately, sometimes the best way to sort everything, is to take everything out of their current home. Which is the part that creates a bigger mess than what you start out with. You should also resist the urge to put things into categories from the start. While this will feel overwhelming, but it will allow you the opportunity to choose better categories later on.

Now it’s the time to get real with yourself and ask yourself the hard questions. If you don’t love an item or need or use it at this very moment, that is your cue to get rid of it. It’s taking up valuable space that can be put to use in a better way.

If you are a bit of a “hoarder” or just a very sentimental person, a good compromise to ease into the purging, or should I say the editing process, is to replace the permanent idea of ‘trashing’ items with other options. Such as relocating or storing them somewhere else.

Go through your items and put them into different piles to keep, donate, discard or place away into storage.

3 Categorizing will save your sanity

Zones just mean that you allocate a space to a category of like items. Which ultimately means that zones are the key to form and function! Zones are also a representation that helps you maintain your system over time. if you’re overflowing in a particular zone, it serves as a visual reminder that you either need to 1) go back and edit out items of the zone that you no longer need/use/or love. Or 2) to reconfigure your zone to allow for more space.

Clea and Joanna create unique zones for clients based on their goals for example a zone for to do projects, a zone for items that need to be sold, a meal prep zone, etc. The possibilities are really endless.

4 Maximize your space by using containers

One of the favorite excuses that you will hear if someone just cannot seem to get organized is the excuse that “I don’t have enough space”. And to be completely honest, that is my excuse as well, most of the time. But to my surprise I learned from watching Clea and Joanna go around organizing everyone’s spaces, I do have enough space – and I have probably more space than I realize.

So how do you maximize your space? And the short and sweet answer is – containers. Containers can truly maximize a space by containing a group of items. And here you can really play around with aesthetics too. You really do get a lot of different containers on the market, from baskets, bins, clear acrylic containers, so shop around to get the look that you want in the space as well.

Containers will also help keep you accountable, just like zones do. The container reminds us what can fit comfortably in that space and better yet, it gives items a ‘home’ to return to after use. Which I think oftentimes are the number one reason why things just seem to lay around in our homes – because the items don’t have a ‘home’!

I can see why Joanna and Clea have a love for clear containers. You are more likely to use your items or to reevaluate your need for your items if you can see them. And particularly for kids that cannot read yet, they can see where the item belongs to and put it back in its place.

Baskets and bins that are opaque may be more pleasing to the eye and may look aesthetically pleasing for a particular look, but they can also become a trap for clutter to build up. So just make sure you purge them on a regular basis!

5 Organization is a never ending process – (biggest tip)

It would be so nice to think that once your house is organized the way you like it, it will magically stay that way. But the sad reality is that it is not a once-off deal. Even if you organize a space with a foolproof method like Clea and Joanna do in ‘Get Organized‘, you will still have to maintain it over time.

This might mean that you should revisit the editing process in different zones in your space when you see it gets out of hand. You might even need to completely makeover a space and start from scratch if your lifestyle change or how our needs changes as we grow in life. So don’t feel discouraged if you find that you need to reevaluate your system, see it as way that your space grows and changes with you. We are never really truly the same throughout our lives!

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